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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart in the presence of Jesus my Lord & King.


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A Spirit led time of prayer on Arthur's seat mountain, in Edinburg, Scotland. A time to connect with heaven and look up to God for answers in a prayer filled community atmosphere.

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A unique Spirit led retreat on the hills of Lanark, in Lanarkshire, Scotland for a battery recharge & time of renewal and prayer by River Clyde.

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A Spirit led retreat in Malta, seeking to spark our Spirit, Mind, Soul & Body to life as we enter into the new year. It is the perfect for connecting with with God!

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A practical conference where we learn how to let our trust in the LORD overwhelm our anxiety & worries. A time to be cultivated & emerge RENEWED. A time to become refined in Christ.

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A dynamic conference, where we learn how to TRUST the LORD with our brokenness instead of faking it. A time to emerge out of our brokenness.
A time to heal, reflect & RENEW.

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A Spirit led conference to help spark your Spirit, Mind, Soul & Body. A time to change your old patterns & create a healthier, fresher & RENEWED you. It is time for the perfect you to awaken!

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