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img Jannet Hopewell is a minister, teacher, mentor and speaker. Her ministry programs names & teaches on various areas of health & wellness related issues that affects women & girls. She is a tireless encourager of women and girls. She is a passionate mentor with a heart of compassion for the broken. She is a prolific writer with numerous titles.

img Sophie Hopewell oversees the filming, editing and production of all the broadcast materials released for broadcast at this ministry and has been doing so since 2006. She is responsible for the countless materials released each year for online viewing, television and radio. She is a film producer by training & profession. She is a lifeline staff member at this ministry. Sophie is a dedicated front line leader who also helps with events, team navigation, logistics, organising activities and conference events.

img Anna Marie Hopewell is a journalist by training & profession. She worked for national UK newspapers and international magazines, before joining the ministry full-time at it's inception, where she is responsible for all of the ministry's magazines, podcats and online and print publications. She is also our worship pastor & assistant women's minister, heads up a major part of our domestic violence campaign & oversees support for women and their children rescued by the ministry from domestic violence & abuse.

img Pastor Made Prakasha Rao is our India missions overseer. He and his family have been looking after the Jannet Hopewell Home For Children both in Kothapalli & Veeralankapalli, Andra Pradesh, India since 2006. He is a dedicated man of God who has a heart of mission and compassion. He is involved in envagelism and has brought many Indian gentiles to Christ over the years. He and his family are responsible for the care of our adopted orphans, elders and widows in India.

img Joseph Hopewell is married to Jannet Hopewell and is our volunteer mission work overseer. He has been serving in the ministry since 2005. He is an anointed minister and the seasoned author of the Soul Conversation series of books. He helps to coordinate ministry & mission activities, as well as oversee our much valued international partner relatonships. He has a passion for seeing women free from domestic violence and is an avid campaigner for women's rights in and outside of the church.

img Marie Tomlin has been with the ministry since 2005. She is one of the founding members who has remained steadfast, strongly committed to the work of God and has participated in every mission trip, conference, meetings, campaings and initiatives. She is in charge of the ministry's resources such as printed materials, books, journals, CDs, clothing range and others. Her dedication, zeal and passion speaks for itself. She is unquestionably a solid ally & friend of the ministry. She is also on the Board of Trustees of the charity.

img Michelle Hopewell oversees both the media arts department of JHM and is also our media marketing expert. She is a professional actor, author, model & blogger. She has been with JHM from the beginning and has contributed to the growth of the ministry throughout the years. Her dedication to mission work is unquestionnable and her role and passion for God is visible. She uses her voice, personality & talent to bring God glory both on stage and in the mission field. She also writes for the JHM magazine & is involved in worship leading & dance & choreography for events.

img Smart Hopewell, Jnr oversees all the ministry's IT, Web designs, graphic designs & maintenance, publishing IT & Technical support as well as the Majestic Symphony series production work. Unquestionably, a very dedicated soldier of the Kingdom. He has been on his post from 2007 till today. He is dedicated to his calling and he is involved in Worship leading for conferences & events. He is also a youth pastor.

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