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The Power of Coming Into Agreement With Your Spouse!

"For wherever two or three are gathered [drawn together as my followers] in [into] my name, there I am in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20 (AMP)

Becoming More & More Alike!

The bible says, the sincere agreement of two believers [a couple] filled with the Holy Spirit in marriage is a powerful thing. Some couples have personalities that are complete opposite of each other. Yet making God the centre of their marriage relationship can help to bring them more and more together, so they start to think more alike and want more of the same things!

My husband, Joseph and I, didn't use to like the same things when we first got together but God has brought us more and more together since we got married many years ago. So, we now think more alike and want more of the same things!

Learning To Agree!

If you want to have power in your marriage relationship and in your prayer life, then you have to learn to get along with each other. The question is: How can a disagreeing couple learn to agree?

Selfishness is an immature inward focus!

Agreement comes when the people involved choose to live life in the Spirit, in humility and self-sacrifice. This means we have stopped being selfish. Selfishness is an immature inward focus. The key is to care about what the other person needs, what makes them smile and be willing to humble yourself and do what you can to meet those needs.

When this happens, you can live together in agreement before the Lord and wherever two or three are gathered in His name, God is there with them. So make an intentional choice with your spouse today to pursue agreement and unity before the Lord!

Pray This Prayer:

Father Lord,
I thank you for the gift of loving relationships and marriage.
I pray that you will enable my partner and I to experience the power of agreement in our relationship and in our marriage!
Through the help of the Holy Spirit, help us Lord to live selflessly, so we can effectively gather together in your name.
In Jesus' name - Amen!

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